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    Who, or what is Thatcham?

    To put a bit of clarity into what can be a very confusing market, Thatcham don’t make car alarms or immobilisers.

    To give Thatcham it’s correct title, it is called Thatcham Research and is a not for profit  organisation set up in 1969 by the insurance industry with the sole aim of making motoring safer and driving down insurance losses (and cost to the consumer).

    So in a nutshell, an approved insurance tracking or security device is one that has been tested and approved by Thatcham Research to meet the various security requirements  of your chosen insurer.

    What are the security requirements?

    The requirements are split into categories.

    Typically, these are Cat 5, 6 and 7 for after market fitted devices.

    Thatcham Category 5 trackers provide the maximum amount of security, including; Level 1 Police response, remote immobilisation, Police or Licenced security agreement, driver identification, motion sensor, street mapping and position data.

    Thatcham Category 6 provides you with tracking data with street mapping, position data and a motion sensor all part of the specification. Level 1 Police response or remote immobilisation are not available but driver identification, Police or Licenced security agreement being optional on some cat6 devices.

    Thatcham Category 7 provides stolen vehicle recovery with a Police or Licenced security agreement being part of the deal. Level 1 Police response or remote immobilisation are not available but driver identification, motion sensor, street mapping and position data are optional on certain cat7 devices.

    These categories and devices can be a little confusing as they also have enhancements within each category (i.e S5, S5 plus and S7).

    Even your insurance company can sometimes suggest the wrong system for your vehicle so it’s best to check with an approved installer such as Fleet Installs.

    We are here to help.

    Simply call and let us know what your insurance company have asked you to have fitted. We can then advise and quote on suitable systems.

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    Fleet Installs now offer the following insurance categories 5, S5, S5plus, 6 and S7

    We are approved to install many makes and the typically installed costs of each device are as follows:

    Cat 5 and S5Plus – £650.00

    Cat S5 – £499.00

    Cat 6 and S7 £199.00

    All the above price will also require an airtime contract paid directly to the manufacturer.

    Vehicle Security Systems

    We offer vehicle alarm systems from Autowatch, Gemini and Laserline all of which offer Thatcham approved systems (Cat 1 and Cat 2-1) along with great value for money systems.

    All are fully featured and will activate most central locking systems and include internal sensors.

    Some of them will also immobilise the vehicle when the alarm sounds.

    We also have available Category 2 immobiliser systems that will prevent the vehicle from starting unless the appropriate deactivation procedure is followed.

    This defeats the method thieves are currently using whereby they ‘grab’ the key code required on push to start vehicles from the fob. (See Autowatch Ghost for a more hi tech solution)

    Autowatch Ghost Security System