Smoke Shield – Fog Protection For Vans & Trucks

    Smoke Shield For Vans & Trucks


    Fleet Installs are a UK approved installer for the Smoke Shield fog protection system.


    Smoke Shield  strive to offer effective smoke delivery systems with a clear goal in mind.

    To protect your valuables and your people.

    With years of experience in vehicle tracking and security, Fleet Installs are now the UK authorised installer of the Smoke Shield Fog Protection System.

    We get how difficult and worrying it can be to keep a business secure and people safe from harm. So allow our experts to assist you in designing and supplying the most effective Fog Activation System for your business.


    Demonstration video of a Smoke Shield fog generation unit set up in a confined room. As you will see, thick smoke is generated in seconds completely obscuring any view.


    Why Choose Smokeshield?

    Smokeshield is an advanced anti-theft security system for your home, business or vehicle.

    It is a completely self contained unit that uses a food grade safe product with a long storage life.

    It is not oil based and will fit anywhere with no messy tubes or containers.

    Immediate Protection.

    The SmokeShield fog generator will fill a room with dense security fog which prevents an intruder from seeing anything within a matter of seconds.


    What You Can’t See, You Can’t Steal.

    The non-toxic fog will fill a space before an intruder can look around, and in a confined area will stay thick and active for around 45 minutes.

    Ideal for protecting tools and goods in vans and trucks.


    Supplied to professional installers only from £379.00 + Vat.

    Fleet Installs can supply this product to professional installers only from £379.00 plus vat, or contact us for a no-obligation quote to supply and install Nationwide.



    UK Installers Required Nationwide – Great Business Opportunity!

    SmokeShield UK now have opportunities Nationwide to become bonafide distributors of the Smoke Shield  ant-theft System.

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