Safety Systems

    Safety Systems From Fleet Installs


    Reverse Sensors.

    Safety SystemsWe install reverse sensors to all vehicles,  and if you wish we can Colour Code them for that truly OEM look for a small extra charge.

    We install only top quality products from the best suppliers in the UK.

    Yes, you can get cheap and cheerful off Ebay.  However, you will likely end up with a product that gives you false alerts every time it rains.

    Fleet Installs guarantee this will not happen.

    We can supply and install from only £189.00 on most standard vehicles,  but like everything there are some exceptions that may cost a little more because of the extra installation time required or extra parts needed.

    Please call for a confirmed price.

    Front Sensors.

    Front sensors are also available and typically cost £225.00  installed.

    A discount or free colour coding is offed to customers having both Front and Rear sensors fitted at the same time.

    Reverse Camera

    We have a wide selection of reverse camera systems that will meet your requirements and they start from only £149.00 fitted.

    Please call for full details.


    Dash CamWe have a large selection of quality vehicle camera systems from the single forward facing camera recording onto a micro SD card to multi camera systems recording to a secure hard drive.

    The single camera system will meet the requirements of most customers but we also have systems that will offer twin cameras so the second can record the rear of the vehicle or look inside the vehicle at the drivers to make sure they are compliant with the company’s procedures

    IE not-smoking, wearing seat-belt or using a mobile phone.

    Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Approved Systems

    We offer commercial camera systems that are FORS compliant in the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold HD category for Rigid and Tractor units with or without the side-scan component.
    Please email or call for further details.